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Slow Cooker Spiced Ham

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

You could use either the Artisan Pumpkin Spice or the Artisan Winter Spice for this recipe. Both will add a truly delicious flavour! the Artisan Sugar & Spice makes a delicious spiced glaze which infuses into the ham as it is resting at the end of the cooking.


  1. Smoked / Unsmoked ham joint

  2. 3-4 litres of Coca Cola or just water, you could add a couple of bay leaves, peppercorns and cloves if you like. The liquid has to cover the ham.

  3. 1 tablespoon of the Artisan Spice blend of your choosing


  • Add the some of the liquid, stir in the Artisan Spice Blend.

  • Add the ham and cover with remaining liquid.

  • Cook in the slow cooker either overnight or for 7 hours, until the meat just falls apart.

  • Once the ham has cooked, remove from the slow cooker and put in a pyrex dish. Pull apart with 2 forks

  • Make up a glaze with either 3 tbsps of the Artisan Sugar & Spice and 2 tbsps of water or 1 tsp of the Artisan Winter or Pumpkin Spice Blend and 2 tbsps water. Heat gently in a saucepan until consistency is desired consistency.

  • Pour over the ham, cover with foil and let the flavours infuse until ready to serve.

The depth of the spice blend flavours are up to you, please taste the glaze once made and add more liquid, spices, sugar / honey as taste is so subjective. You could also use honey to sweeten or freshly squeezed orange juice.

Leftovers (if there are any!), can be used for sandwiches and pea and ham soup.

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